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An ergodic, arborescent, semiautobiographical work about identity, mental health, spirituality, and the mutability of the past.

Now available for pre-order!
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My book of short stories, Restless Town, is now available as a paperback, an ebook, and an audiobook! If you're interested in queer animal people trying their best to get by in a flyover state, I've got you covered.


Insomnia thoughts, passive ideation 

Can we take a moment to just appreciate how good foxes are?

Heck with it, gonna do a writing stream. Open to multistream requests or voice chat on discord if folks want. Have a server link if so.

Actually, I was reminded that Picarto does multi-streaming, if others want to join in ^^

Anyone interested in some writing stream? Also considering making it a chat over discord. If so, I can get set up in a little bit here!

Best time to catch a plot hole is I guess while writing???

The taller fox stopped, but would have been tattooed black up along the plaza.

#ProcGen #fiction

LAFORGE: captain, you

Another #IndieApril boost. Death mention. 

Another #IndieApril boost. Death mention. 

Someone buy and make a peertube site dedicated to cats.

Then a linguist, then a biologist, Then a linguist, then a biologist, Then a composer, a conductor.

#ProcGen #poetry

ally is up for preorder now! Ships June 1. If you're in the US and interested, consider ordering direct, as that helps me out the most ^^ You won't be charged until release date, and you cancel before then if you need.

Advance review of ally:

"I feel as though when I was reading this, I was chasing down sparkling fractions of the author’s soul. Chasing them not because I got this to read and review, but because I deeply wanted to. So I could put all those fractions together and solve an ultimate puzzle whose picture would contain some incomprehensible beauty." -Linnea on Goodreads

You should have seen the look on my grandmother's face when I told her I was drawing a werewolf in a dress
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Aaaand finally, all the white bars gone.

You can tell I'm depressed when I'm working on my vim setup haha

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Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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