My book of short stories, Restless Town, is now available as a paperback, an ebook, and an audiobook! If you're interested in queer animal people trying their best to get by in a flyover state, I've got you covered.


Come talk about the intersection between furry and gender! Hilton Santa Clara! Starts at 5!

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OH: "Corgis just twerk because they can't wag."

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I've been informed that Restless Town sold out at

Keep on heading back to for more great books, though! They've got tons they're :D

To those who purchased them, the offer stands for some free flash fiction or poetry inside!

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"It's wickedly fast WiFi in the same way that Seattle's Best Coffee is Seattle's best coffee."

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Actually, I'm gonna do tea! If anyone wants any, I'm happy to share!

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Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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