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Toledot, the book 2 in the Post-Self trilogy, will be out January 21, with advance sales at Further Confusion '22!

Pre-orders will open soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Catch up on Qoheleth at or


A Wildness of the Heart - Limerent Object and Other Stories

Six stories from Sawtooth, ID of folks trying to discern their paths in life, out November 1 - pre-order NOW at

"After finishing the collection, it feels like I've witnessed a ritual."


Qoheleth and Gallery Exhibition

A meta-furry, gender-weird pair of sci-fi novellas exploring what it means to create and live in a post-self world.

Available in paperback and ebook, and free to read in the browser!


📌 📌 📌

An ergodic, arborescent, semiautobiographical work about identity, mental health, spirituality, and the mutability of the past.

"“Cleareyed yet powerfully immediate . . . A fresh, daring exploration of lived experience.” - Kirkus Reviews

Now available for pre-order!
📌 📌 📌

Patronfriends, please enjoy all of part 1 of Toledot for the Post-Self podcast - four episodes all together! That site is too much to work with to post episodes, so we'll go with this instead.

Toledot 054: Ioan Bălan - 2325

Happy Death Day - Auld lang syne - feeling - history - myths

...surprise! :D From here on out, patrons will get episodes early, but for you all, the first part of Toledot is now up on the Post-Self podcast.

Prepping the free-to-read web version of Nevi'im, book 3 of the Post-Self cycle~ The book will be out July 21 as paperback, ebook, and browser version

You can read the first two books for free, as well!



I make all my writing (or at least all I can) free to read in the browser, 'cause things kinda suck out there, and I'd like them to be accessible.

In case you were worried that I might discuss the Bălans and May Then My Name working on a book and *not* go on to write snippets from it...

Nevi'im, book 3 of the Post-Self cycle, arrives July 21

The History is currently on the web version of Toledot! You can find them on entries 2, 7, 26, and 53.

Patronfriends, please enjoy a meditation on *checks notes* making incense?

Anyway, first half of an audio recording of Unseeing is available!

New advance review of Nevi'im: "Nevi'im continues to showcase Scott-Clary's talent for creating large, diverse casts that explore interesting questions of what it means to be alive."

Nevi'im, book 3 of the Post-Self cycle, comes out July 21!

Patronfriends, please enjoy a little bit of rambling about clipping. and Shalom Auslander.

"These characters are so well realized, so fleshed out, that I can’t help but to gush about how their interactions with each other inform the central plot of the book."

Advance review of Nevi'im:

Nevi'im, book 3 of the Post-Self Cycle, out July 21, 2022!

Here we are on Mastodon!

The Voice of Dog is a furry audiofiction podcast, with uplifting anthropomorphic stories from writers in the community. Occasionally NSFW.
Hosted by Khaki and Rob MacWolf, read by friends. New stories every Monday and Friday, sometimes poetry on Wednesday.

Find us at:
or wherever you get your podcasts.

If you've got a story you think would be a good fit, please get in touch!

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