My book of short stories, Restless Town, is now available as a paperback, an ebook, and an audiobook! If you're interested in queer animal people trying their best to get by in a flyover state, I've got you covered.


Headed to MFF this weekend? You can pick up Restless Town at the FurPlanet table! Be sure to check out all the spiffy books they've brought :D

Interested in Restless Town but unable to spend much during the holiday season? I deeefinitely get that. So, I've got three ebook copies to give away! I'd appreciate a review on Goodreads, but understand if that's not your speed.

Hello friends! Sad from the con being over? Sad because you didn't make the con? Just plain sad? Maybe you're happy! I don't know! I'm not god or your father!

I DO know that I have a book that you might like! It's about queer animal people trying to get by in Idaho.

To help make you happier, I have a few copies available for free!


@makyo the ebook buy direct link says paperback when I click it

@keisisqrl Oh no! D: I've fixed that, thank you for pointing it out to me! Sorry for the mix-up, copy/pasting isn't always the best.

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