Hey! If you're at all interested in queer furry fiction or contemporary queer poetry, can I interest you in some books?

Restless Town - ten furry short stories set in the fictional town of Sawtooth, ID focusing on queer identities and mental health

Rum and Coke - Three short stories from a furry convention focusing on gender and poly relationships

Eigengrau - poetry from 2015-2020



Additionally, if you're keen on supporting small businesses and independent authors, check out hybrid.ink / @hybrid for some fantastic fiction and poetry! I put a lot into it.

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I'll also take some commissions! I'm comfortable writing slice-of-life contemporary fiction and sci-fi (less so fantasy) if you want to see yourself/friends/loved ones in any stories. I'm also happy to write poetry for you or yours! I've never really done this before, but we can work out a comfortable amount.

I also have a Patreon where you can get early access and exclusives! patreon.com/makyo

(Failing that, if you'd still like to help, I have paypal/ko-fi/square cash for tips. I'll try and get you something in exchange for anything received!)

Oh oh oh! Another thing that is helpful! If you've already snagged any of my books or those published by Hybrid, leaving a review on Goodreads/Amazon/B&N really does help ^^ Let folks know what you liked about what you've read!

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