Well well well, if it isn't our good friend Stimmtausch. What's that? You have a new feature? Dang, nice!

Backgrounded/scrolled connections now maintain their position and let you know how many lines up you're scrolled.

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@makyo two thoughts!

1) wow, stimmtausch and you are out here living your best lives

2) wow, your abode seems definitely designed for the benefit of some kinks

@KitRedgrave huh, hadn't really thought of it that way. It's the same desc across MUCKs, and I basically never look at it c.c

@makyo huh. i guess my mind's just in the gutter, given the nature of that world

@KitRedgrave It's totally fair! :D Now I want to use it for that purpose :3c

@bootie_fringe It's a terminal-based MUCK client that I'm writing. Got a feature working where, if I'm scrolled up or focused away from a connection, it shows me how many new lines of chat have come in.

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