Laser cutting PPE face shields to donate/sell and donate profit. They ship flat and are one-size-fits-most \o/

@makyo Oh this is awesome!!! Do you have a resource for someone who has equipment but no spoons to figure out patterns / materials you can point me to?

@echo It's a collab between husbandog and I. He did all that work, I did the cutting. I'll see if I can get the info out of him!

@echo So he got it from here: Many of those are for 3d printing, so he got the file in Fusion360 and got the path information for the laser cutter. The material depends on your equipment's capabilities. If you're printing, PTEG is recommended, but if you're laser-cutting, we used polypropylene. We based it off of

@echo Oh! and the shield part for these are just transparencies to be used for overhead projectors.

@makyo OH WOW I thought it was like extra thin acrylic. I wonder if I still have a stash of those...

@makyo AWESOME thanks! I have a bunch of extra acrylic from a job I wonder if I can use those...

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