Sound friemds, what is happening here? I've got a weird ~10Hz resonance in these two mics.

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High-pass filter at 30Hz solves it, but I'd like to know why, at least :P

@makyo something must be shaking back and forth about 10 times a second.

@skootthecat Yeah, I suppose there has to be! I redampened the desk, redid some of the wall treatments, swapped stands, swapped shock mounts, and braced the stereo mount to no effect :/

@makyo i'm thinking it could be interference wrom another device. Is it audible at all?

@skootthecat If I apply any compression, yeah. It leads to what would otherwise be stuff that wouldn't meet the lower threshold (breathing, etc) suddenly sounding sort of hooty.

@makyo What type of mics are they? Analog or USB? 10Hz => 600 RPM so I’m wondering if there’s some voltage leaking from, say, a fan in your computer.

@deskitty Analog/XLR to a board, USB from board to computer. There was a fan there, though, yes, but it's in my laptop on top of accoustic foam. Is that the type of thing that would only show up when there's other noise in the room? The noise floor is still pretty flat with no resonance otherwise.

@makyo No, if it really were inadequate electrical grounding/shielding, noise in the room wouldn’t matter, just fan speed. So it’s probably not that then.

@makyo Is this a room with a hard floor surface? You mentioned wall treatments but what about floor rugs/carpeting?

@deskitty Hmm, there is a hardwood floor. I'll try treating with the panels I have left and see if that reduces it. I'm also considering giving up on the whole room and building a booth in the closet with a smaller area for me to treat.

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