I accidentally six iambs in a row in this opening line and I'm just upset I didn't get more D:

"I wrap emotions in the cool embrace of jargon to soften sharp edges and take the sting out of ones I feel too keenly."

Anyway! $5+ patronfriends get a first entry from a new Sawtooth story.

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@makyo I'm afraid I'm missing context. I don't know what you mean by "lambs" in that post. I was seeking clarification. am bird now. uvu

@orrery oh oh, gosh, I'm sorry ;.; I was going along with a joke that wasn't there. The original post was about iambs, the short-long stress pattern in poetry, like iambic pentameter. It gives the opening line there a kind of rocking feeling which I didn't intend but rather like

@makyo Oh! I... uh...

I completely misread your post. I desperately need new glasses but I'm trying to hold out until post-vaccination so I can avoid having to suppress a small panic attack in the office chair.

PEBCAK problem, please disregard! Closing ticket. ^v^

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