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For those who have read Qoheleth or are keeping up with Toledot: behold! The template upon which about half the Odists are built upon! Sasha, basically :D

Art by @jdl_art@twitter.com (full pic in next toot for CW)

First order of books showed up! Got all of them signed and ready for shipping.

Pre-orders open now! wildness.makyo.ink

The font for both Restless Town and A Wildness of the Heart is Tom's New Roman, a redraw of Times New Roman by hand with no size references, and I love it deeply :P

So hey, in appreciation of Tom, 15% off the Sawtooth books for the next week! makyo-ink.square.site/?cc=tnr

What happens when you take someone who thinks too much, tries to wrap everything in words, and justify themselves via internal dialog, then tell them to take a long, hot soak in memories to try and figure out how they got from there to here?


Dee Kimana, an ex-seminarian coyote, is in love. Maybe. Perhaps? His constant doubts plague him, and as he strives to journal his way towards greater understanding of himself and his emotions, he delves deeper and deeper into the past.

wildness.makyo.ink (art: @NomaxArt@twitter.com )

I know that capitalism is a garbage fire and buying books can be something of a luxury. Qoheleth, Restless Town, and ally are all available for free to read online! All work on mobile.



They're also all available on OpenLibrary!

I'd love if you consider reviewing them on Goodreads/Amazon/here on fedi, even leaving a star helps, at your comfort level!

My favorite thing about writing text message conversations are the tiny little stories hidden in the timing of the messages.

It's...done? It's done.

$5 patrons will get the rest of the first draft scattered over the next week or so, $10 patrons will get the PDF of the final book as it stands, and $1 patrons will start seeing edits come through for early access!

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For everyone, please refresh this page with me.

Reminded to set my homepage to blank in Firefox because Pocket is an intrusive pest >:/

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