I've tried painting other things and they're just... Not doing it for me. Something about rectangles makes me feel like the constant 25% static playing in the background is turned down 10%.

Anybody want some shapes? I don't know what to do with them.

Part of me really wishes that I'd had either the pluck or the gall to use lilypond for the scores in ally so that my entire life could be bound by countless backslashes. Alas.


Tonight on Maddy Still Has Strange Feelings About Shapes And Also Now Has Black 3.0 And Enough Grief

PS - Gumroad doesn't really do gift cards, I think, but to order a digital product as a gift for someone, you can click this handy present icon at checkout!

Hi friends. Because the universe is a cold and uncaring place and unalloyed good news is illegal,I just had to take this poor idiot to the vet for both an corneal ulcer and impacted gland which may be an early sign of *orchestral sting* cancer, so book sale coming up!

Veg food, egg 

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