It's...done? It's done.

$5 patrons will get the rest of the first draft scattered over the next week or so, $10 patrons will get the PDF of the final book as it stands, and $1 patrons will start seeing edits come through for early access!

$10+ patrons! Please enjoy some deep planning-fu for Limerent Object!

For everyone, please refresh this page with me.

Reminded to set my homepage to blank in Firefox because Pocket is an intrusive pest >:/

Patreon is a terrible fucking website I hate it so much.

If I copy a bunch of text - you know, letters and words and paragraphs - I would expect to receive letters and words and paragraphs when I paste it. Alas.

I mean, hell, it even works when I paste it in a PLAIN text box, not to mention other contenteditable boxes.

Shootpost, birdsite screen cap 

Meme, update 

Also, with the lower cloud ceiling over the city and the higher one over here, Seattle was definitely visible last night. This is at ~midnight

Saw deer in the yard and got the drone out on a whim. Turns out the deer were mostly just curious. They walked up to it cautiously, then kept eating.

Excellent kitchen-witch piece from Kappy! (Kappy on FA, ms_kappy on Twitter)

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Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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