Aaaand finally, all the white bars gone.

You can tell I'm depressed when I'm working on my vim setup haha

Atom stopped opening files, but only randomly??? Back to my old setup for now, I guess! I've got some fine-tuning to do, clearly :P

My doofy-ass setup (scenes in numbered files organized by thread - makes it easier to interleave later) means I don't have much visibility into this, alas.

Maybe it's for the best, though, since I don't have that carrot dangling in front of me all the time.

Today's tea is: big.

I know this size of cake isn't exactly uncommon, but it's the only one I have!

Guess what I get to write? That's right, intentionally iffy poetry :3c

Patronies get regular installments of a serialized novel!

Clothed rope harness picture 

Restless Town review, text-filled image (too long to caption) 

Fuck yeeeah my oolong showed up. The no. 2 is far and away my favorite oolong of last year. Hints of cinnamon, cajeta (goat milk caramel), toast, and fallen leaves. So good, had to stock up.

Was stuck in China for New Year, then in SF for holding for obvious reasons.


Okay. That's one way to fix my name in your system. Not the RIGHT way, but it is A way.

Food pic 

Books books books! Gentle ad 

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