In case you were worried that I might discuss the Bălans and May Then My Name working on a book and *not* go on to write snippets from it...

Nevi'im, book 3 of the Post-Self cycle, arrives July 21

The History is currently on the web version of Toledot! You can find them on entries 2, 7, 26, and 53.

Pet health/mortality 

A small joy in contemporary academic writing is Twitter handles in citations.

Every now and then when I'm feeling down, this random comment on Restless Town will cheer me right up. Honored to hold that role for someone, and always aim to do better.

It's real! I didn't confabulate an entire book and then have UPS gaslight me into thinking it existed!

Sometimes, you have to tell yourselves stories that are truer than what actually happened to make it fit in your head.

Toledot is now available in paperback, ebook, and free to read in the browser

Toledot launches TOMORROW and I'm so excited! Can't show you a copy of the book, but I can print out the cover and fake it. - paperback and ebook available to order now, and free to read in the browser soon!

Toledot does exist! It wasn't just a fever dream! (FurPlanet received their copies; UPS accepted my lost-in-transit claim)

Toledot launches very soon! It's up for pre-order now over at

This weekend, in lieu of FC, I'll be giving a reading and talking about Toledot and Qoheleth, and there will probably be some discounts and giveaways in there, so keep an eye out for schedule!

Toledot (Post-Self II)

Secession and Launch: January 21

Available for preorder at - Early-bird access at Further Confusion

Cover by @irisjaycomics

Pet death 

Weirdcore skunks? Weirdcore skunks.

Yes, I am obsessed with skunks now.

Art by

(Well, okay, it's no secret; this is what it looks like. Patrons, however, get the whole dang book)

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Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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