FC2020 location, buy my books, selfie ec 

Poem in picture (handwritten, transcription to come later!) 

FC2020, writing, selfie 

FC2020, caps, writing 

Snow snow snow snow snow! Thanks to @FlashWhite_@twitter.com for this wonderful piece!

Furry art, tame but nude 

Furry porn 

Furry porn 

Time to clean and find the Christmas gift from an ex you don't know is alive or not so that you can spiral down into nostalgia again :D

Selfie, ec 

Y'ever snoofle too vigorously and have to tootle your snootle until it's free of such irritants as exist in the world? Happens with some frequency when your snootle is this sizable.

Tell me this isn't the modern aesthetic ideal of a beautiful boy.

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Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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