I like how putting horror quotes on booty shorts is just A Thing We Do now®

Cutting some more ally boxes juuust case a wild giveaway appears... :3c

I am intensely happy that there's an Esperanto meme channel on telegram.

Book ad/coupon, selfie, ec 

Lup cosplay, selfie no ec 

Cosplay pic, ec 

Cosplay pic, ec 

Somewhat sappy phone backgrounds, technically some mostly sfw nude furry art, mostly covered up by icons 

Selfie, ec 

Spruced up the hat with some electroplated artemisia leaves, a star, and a cord with tassel ^^

My life keeps getting turned upside down but at least I got these electroplated artemisia leaves to adorn my hat. I'll sew them on at some point here.

Montri pli
Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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