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"Back soon."

Amazing cosplay commission from 'cause Lup <3

Love it so much!

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Can we just appreciate this excellent cover from @irisjaycomics ? Like, one big thing from the story is the importance of dreams, and I think the colors help express that, in a very cyberpunky way.

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Selfie, ec, cosplay 

A'ight! Cover reveal time!

Comin' soon! Qoheleth + Gallery Exhibition

Cover by the lovely @irisjaycomics

I don't know that I necessarily have favorite pages of ally, but these were two of the ones I had the most fun with. Both were actually pretty simple to typeset in the end, too.

You can snag the book at The whole thing was a blast to typeset and...uh, an ✨experience✨ to write.

"A fresh, daring exploration of lived experience." - Kirkus Reviews

High-pass filter at 30Hz solves it, but I'd like to know why, at least :P

Sound friemds, what is happening here? I've got a weird ~10Hz resonance in these two mics.

Laser cutting PPE face shields to donate/sell and donate profit. They ship flat and are one-size-fits-most \o/

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