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$10+ patronfriends get the full rough outline for Nevi'im, the third and final book in the Post-Self cycle.

Job search 

"It’s probably best that he remain your ‘friend’ and not ‘one of the slickest politicians in the Western Federation’ when people read what you have to say."

$5+ patronfriends get another chapter of Toledot!

Small announcement (ARG) 

"Duluth: Minnesota's Seattle" -

Small announcement (ARG) 

$5+ patronfriends get some goodskunks calling historians brats. Next bit of Toledot up at

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Yo why the fuck foxes so complicated? Dear sometimes just needs someone to scruff it and give a little shake.

More Toledot for $5+ patronfriends!

Heyyyy, got an idea for what drives a character and want it fleshed out? Gonna open up for 1 author's choice commission. $20/1000, 3000 words or less. Your fursona? A random idea? Sky's the limit! That's the stuff I love, and I want to expand my horizons.

$5+ patronfriends, please enjoy some truly terrible sounding drinks. More Toledot, more skunks.

"If you like your coyotes catholic and angsty, check it out!"

Thanks for the shout-out from Southpaws Podcast :D

Y'all, A Wildness of the Heart comes out Nov 1 and I'm sO EXCITED. It's up for pre-order now!

Okay, and now $5+ patronfriends get another chapter of Toledot! Politics and spaceships~

(Well, okay, it's no secret; this is what it looks like. Patrons, however, get the whole dang book)

$10+ patronfriends now get access to the first-pass edits of Toledot. It's mostly a curiosity,but if you want to see how Maddy edits on a PDF, enjoy!

Next weekend at Oxfurred Comma, I'll be giving a reading from A Wildness of the Heart! Stop by to hear a short story and a snippet from Limerent Object.

I'll also have a few other panels: Writing and Mental Health; Layout and Design, Writing Awards, and Patreon!

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