Qoheleth Ep 030: Ioan Bălan - 2305

Prairie and fox - engagement - a name - apostasy - first lines - games.


As promised, there is a new sample chapter of Toledot available here: toledot.makyo.ink/sample2/

You can also get 10% off the ebook here: makyo.gumroad.com/l/toledot-eb
And 10% off the paperback here: makyo-ink.square.site?cc=book

I'm also cancelling the Toledot reading today, my apologies. In lieu of that I'll release another sample chapter and offer dinner discounts. Just struggling.

Nevermind! Will try doing the reading at 4.

In about half an hour), I'll be hosting a panel on creativity and mental health and at 4PM Pacific (2.5 hours), I'll be giving readings from A Wildness of the Heart and Toledot for @furcon home edition!

You can tune in on twitch.tv/drabmakyo

Patronfriends of the $10 variety get the first pass developmental edits of Nevi'im, the third Post-Self book. Please enjoy Maddy fretting about pacing.


@makyo "Swish as a company didn't expect that their social media company would inherit social problems. Everybody should come together and just have fun, right? Swish employee Jared finds himself having to do some introspective Q&A when he falls for queer streamer Dave who wants Swish to provide protective tools. Is Jared Agile enough to avoid Cupid's arrows or will he succumb to Dave's charms? Only time and Development will tell!"

Thanks to those who joined in the plot structure panel today! We outlined in real time an LGBT romance about a transphobic streaming company called Swish with a proposal for a 'yeet the TERFs' button! You can find that and the tools we used here:


Next on FC home-edition:

Come join for a generative workshop on plot structure! Even if you're not an outliner, it'll be fun! Voice/text chat will help write a story outline.

Discord link is discord.gg/qk4mZ9wF , but I'm moving to twitch because OBS is being a pain twitch.tv/drabmakyo

I'll be giving my FC panels online this year. Come check em out! All times PST

2pm: book layout and design
4pm: plot structure and story beats (participatory for those on Discord!)

2pm: creativity and mental health
4pm: readings from Toledot and A Wildness of the Heart

I'll be streaming to Discord and Picarto if all goes well (otherwise just Picarto).


Qoheleth Ep 029: Sasha - 2112

Fretting - news from London - emergency contact - a letter - a response - a meeting - more information - confirmation.

anchor.fm/post-self/episodes/0 or wherever you get your podcasts! If you dig it, ratings and reviews help others find it~

Toledot launches very soon! It's up for pre-order now over at toledot.makyo.ink

This weekend, in lieu of FC, I'll be giving a reading and talking about Toledot and Qoheleth, and there will probably be some discounts and giveaways in there, so keep an eye out for schedule!

Double episode day! Somehow!

Qoheleth Ep 027: RJ Brewster - 2112

An evening walk - a morning walk - sunrise - an empty kitchen - friends and family - unnerving books - suppositions - a final walk to wear oneself out.


Qoheleth Ep 028: Ioan Bălan - 2305

Sleep - Odists - Ioan's wall - foxass - a walk.


Qoheleth Ep 026: Ioan Bălan - 2305

Offer accepted - glum foxes - stories - intraclade troubles - puzzles - artists and storytellers.


Patrons get a preview of a Toledot chapter! I am very sleepy, so I missed an edit. Ah well. patreon.com/posts/60786463

Today's MFA generative workshop was about subtle ways to introduce surprise/interest into writing. We talked about showing the subject in the world around them. We were shown a gif of a penguin and told to show a world that would contain such a thing.


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