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Furry porn 

Aaaand the copy of Restless Townw as taken!

Both books are, of course, still available, and there's a few of those coupons left!

Just about three weeks left to submit to Small Loves: A Queer Microfiction Anthology! We're up above 55 submissions now, and looking for lots more.

We are looking for micro- and flash-fiction submissions that explore queer and minority identities

According to the Furry Survey, 9% of the subculture describes itself as not cisgender, with a further 8% reporting "it's complicated". Unsurprising when it's so easy to choose how you interact with others!

What kinds of stories are there to be told?

(psst, if you want, I still have four free shipping coupons for RT available for this! Just use the code 2020)

The copy of Eigengrau has been claimed! Restless Town is still available.

Let's do this again!

The next person to buy Eigengrau gets a TOTALLY unique, handwritten poem and the next person to buy Restless Town gets a unique, handwritten bit of flash fiction.

Once I ship them off, not even I will have a copy. They'll be yours to post or keep secret~

Must be a paperback purchased direct, obviously!

Time to clean and find the Christmas gift from an ex you don't know is alive or not so that you can spiral down into nostalgia again :D

....huh, didn't really think about how to get to the train station next week.


I want to collaborate with someone on a project some day, like a comic or something. They're just so fascinating, and I like sharing a headspace like that with someone. (Right account this time!)

(Do y'all like this sort of thing? Was fun on my end, but curious how folks feel about it!)

Aaaand Eigengrau is taken! Thanks friends ^^

Restless Town sold! Eigengrau still available.

Montri pli
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