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Current status: akathisia but exhausted. What if...I walked directly into the sea?

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Can we just call Disney's penchant for 'reimagining' franchises as live action "mouse to mouse resuscitation'?

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She saw on TV that ghosts made things cold, and she’d always had chilly feet at night.

So she found a stone with a hole through the middle and she waited under the covers until the chill made her toes curl.

Gently, she sat up, closing one eye and holding the stone up to the other.

Shimmering and thin as a beam of moonlight, the cat stretched and resettled on her feet.

She smiled and went back to bed, careful not to kick.

She’d always wanted a cat.

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Finances, health insurance, mostly just ranting 

Finances, health insurance, mostly just ranting 

Finances, health insurance 

“With trans people facing daily harassment simply for existing as ourselves, the stakes seem too high to risk teaching these systems how to recognize us”

Made me think of @Tatianamac’s insightful talk, ‘The Banal Binary’ at New Adventures conference…

She wanted to be raw, painful, salt in the imperfect unevenness of joining.

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*low keening that evolves into a high tessitura Shepard tone*

I am really really happy that folks are enjoying Restless Town. I worked hard on the story, the publication, and the audio production. Reviews and ratings are so incredibly validating!

Wow! February already?! That means just about a month left in both the Acethetic and Genderful calls! Got a story about an asexual character? How about one that explores gender with anthropomorphic characters? Well, have we got the anthologies for you!

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Cats may be a liquid, but dogs are just a loosely connected pile of spare parts.

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