Montri pli

Need some dog? Come join Zephyr on his stream. Yes I'm serious.

Upon reading certain words, upon hearing certain songs, upon feeling certain feelings and upon losing myself, it flows, the light, in through the head, out through the heart, washes over all, and, being lost in it, I have found myself without.

I have taken
The night time meds
That were in
The medicine cabinet.

And you were
Probably expecting
Me to stay up
Past ten.

Forgive me
They were delicious
So sweet
And so cold

It turns out you can just tell your friends that you love them without expectation that this implies some sort of strict romantic relationship so long as you talk it out: A Maddy Story, coming 2020

Well well well, if it isn't our good friend Stimmtausch. What's that? You have a new feature? Dang, nice!

Backgrounded/scrolled connections now maintain their position and let you know how many lines up you're scrolled.


MH-, sui mention 

Was reminded of my conlang from high school. Still need to upload the orthography, but it was pretty ^^


❌ "macro NB"
✔️ "They might be giant"

Montri pli
Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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