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Qoheleth Ep 018: Dr. Carter Ramirez - 2112

Very good food - very iffy idea - very expensive ticket - very busy train - very good performance - very intense director.

Qoheleth Ep 017: Qoheleth - 2305

A conversation - an archive server - intra- and extra-clade - going batty - dispersionistas explained - relevancy thresholds - really quite lovely. or wherever you get your podcasts. Rate and review if you enjoy!

Patroooons I am growing to loathe my voice! But that is okay! Please enjoy some more Qoheleth, ft. very nice paper.

Qoheleth Ep 016: RJ Brewster - 2112

Feedback - admin - sums - missing rows - sleep. or wherever you listen to your podcasts. If you're enjoying this project, consider leaving a rating or review to help others find it!

Patrons! Please enjoy a few catch-up episodes of Qoheleth. To get around problems like this week, I may just schedule the rest of them as posts.

Qoheleth Ep 015: Dr. Carter Ramierez - 2112

The perennial struggles of being nonbinary - the big three - marketing - the DDR - lunchtime - a tabloid - "we shouldn't have this" - an idea.

Aaaand there we go! Toledot, book 2 of the Post-Self trilogy, is up for pre-order now!



Qoheleth Ep 014: Ioan Bălan - 2305

A letter - decryption - Qoheleth - a non-apology - keys and keys - Ketuvim - meaninglessness - kemmer - associations and discursions - text and subtext - a postscript.

Pet death; explicit mention, read forewarning, I'm serious 

Pet death; explicit mention, read forewarning, I'm serious 

Pet death; explicit mention forewarning, I'm serious 

Pet death 

Qoheleth Ep 013: RJ Brewster - 2112

A glowing green light - a creaky table - on feedback and gain - a plan in the face of hopelessness.


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Patronfriends! Some more Qoheleth podcast for you. A conversation recorded on the sly~

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Toledot, the book 2 in the Post-Self trilogy, will be out January 21, with advance sales at Further Confusion '22!

Pre-orders will open soon, so keep an eye out for those.

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Qoheleth Ep 012: Ioan Bălan - 2305

An incoming message - old things - names bear power - Umwelten - good fucking luck. or wherever you get your podcasts!

Qoheleth is a novel being released serially as a podcast, so be sure to start at the beginning!

Patronfriends! Catching up on post backlog! Another Qoheleth podcast episode. Some foxes zooming about~

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