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Patrons, please enjoy a review of Discipline by Dash Shaw written for class:

As folks have seen, it's Trans Day of Visibility today! Do remember to support and boost trans authors as well! If you'd like to help a non-binary trans woman work on improving her writing through (expensive!) school, I've got an ebook sale you might like:

$5+ patronfriends: please enjoy the first few thousand words of Mitzvot:

linking myself into the gigantic Pacific Northwest Polycule Supercluster and immediately getting bombarded with spam from across the network for black market boner pills, magic supplies, open source linux projects, The Good Bras,

$5+ patronfriends, please enjoy the full dev edits of Nevi'im (PDF and EPub)!

All-access patronfriends get access to a rough outline of a new project and Maddy bitching about the fact that she's even working on it.

How 2 adapt twine game 4 audio

(Apparently hire furry VAs)

On Post-Self, a teaser for the audio drama version of Gallery Exhibition! Now you know why Dear's partner is never named~

You - 2302

Ft. Khaki and Ta'kom Ironhoof

nQoheleth Ep 053: RJ Brewster - 2114

A letter.

(CW: mention of suicide)

And with that, Qoheleth is finished! If you've been holding off to wait for the end, here you go. Toledot will be a bit off, but there will be some stuff in the interim. Thank you!

Qoheleth Ep 052: Sasha - 2113

To get lost is to go mad - Cicero - mourn together - rejoice together.

CW: mention of suicide.

$5+ patrons! Please enjoy the first bits of the Gallery Exhibition audio drama coming together:

Qoheleth Ep 051: Ioan Bălan - 2305

Returning home - a message - a new name - future conversations - on names - Umwelten - moving in - haven't a fucking clue.

One more chapter and an epilogue!

Qoheleth Ep 050: Sasha - 2112

Awakening/awakening - dandelions/dandelions - a bar/a bar - poetry/poetry - again/again - friends/friends - awakening/awakening.

Probably my second favorite chapter in the book~

Oh yeah it's Ash Wednesday. Which I guess means it's lent now! well do the forehead crosses work on fur?

Anyway, I don't partake, but I did write a whole dang novella with a Catholic coyote struggling with romance!

Qoheleth Ep 049: Ioan Bălan - 2305

Back home - what happened - what we need - forgetting - dying - what is next.

Forgot to post this yesterday, sorry sorry!

nTrying something new and posting some of my annotations for school. Who knows if it'll even be interesting!

Montri pli
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