Montri pli

Hello friends! It is…one week until my homework is due and I am very behind on it! I spent a bit too much of the month working on Mitzvot and while I don't regret it TOO much, I do need to buckle down on The Elevation of Unknown Things, so there will be a break in skunk content.

Pulled together the base site for all of the Post-Self stuff!

Includes paracanon stuff, just for funsies. I figure if the universe is creative commons, might as well give a bunch of that out.

$5+ patronfriends, please enjoy part 3 of Mitzvot. Should have the first draft of the book finished sometime next week.

Is it cynical of me to capitalize on a date that doesn't particularly matter to me because Brand™? Absolutely.

Do I still need to financially recover from Turtle's final vet visit? Alas, yes.

Please consider buying some books half-off today!

Pet death 

Today on The Voice of Dog, you can hear my poem "Growth" read by Ardy Hart. An absolutely incredible reading, too, I'm blown away @.@

$5+ patrons, please enjoy all of part 2 of Mitzvot. Going to be posting less frequently but with more writing at once.

Hey friends! Reminder that I'm doing a Q&A on the Post-Self podcast! You can reply, DM, or email me - more in this episode:

If the previous chapter was cute, this one is assassination attempt, so.

$5+ patronfriends, please enjoy all of part 1 of Mitzvot, the first ~25k words.

$5+ patrons get another scene from Mitzvot. Please enjoy: cute.

Nearly broke 5k today, which feels good. This is scene 7 out of 40 planned, so I'm hoping to have it done in the next month or two.

More Mitzvot for $5+ patrons! Please enjoy Odists being very much themselves.

I realized I left out a chunk of dialogue, so I just edited the existing post!

Hey $5+ patrons? Have some more Mitzvot, on me~ Or, well, on you, I guess. Thank you for your support!

Montri pli
Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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