Montri pli

Got a hopeless crush on all my partners /)u///u(\

Veg food, birdsite link 

ally is such a weird size. Thankfully, husbandog has a laser cutter, so it will come packed with cardboard bolsters.

There we go, better one of Zephyr now that it's brighter out.

Fiddled with the lensbaby for the first time in a long time yesterday, but the dogs were too anxious to sit still for their pictures and they all came out pretty blurry. Figured I'd just lean hard into it and call it "art" :P

Stimmtausch 0.0.3 out and soon to be available in the Snap store :D

What if.... I could sleep?

Hahaha just kidding!

...unless? :thounking:

Dumb GRS shootpost 

Montri pli
Maddy "Maddypaws" Paws

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